Peek a Book

Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

FullSizeRender (1)“Power is a dangerous game”

“This is a world divided by blood-red or silver” if that doesn’t entice you in, I don’t know what will. The book starts out with just a girl, a common thief named Mare. She believes that because her blood runs red, like the other commoners that she is nothing special.Despite her blood and with fate running its course, her destiny changes and Mare is tied up in the politics of the silver blooded super humans, and find a new way out of the turmoil while trapped in the castle.

I loved this book, I am hoping it is the first of many to follow. Victoria Aveyard has taken something that could be just another princess book and pulled it into an action and political storyline, in a way that is unsure from the start,You instantly fall for her charming characters and have a sense of empathy from the first page. Mare is only seventeen and yet plucked from her life and placed into a world completely different to her own, this alone is something most people can relate to and with a touch of love, rivalry and friendships old and new there isn’t anything I cant seem to dislike.

teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup half4.5 Teacups!

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