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Rebel Belle By Rachel Hawkins

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“A lady never starts a fight… but she’ll finish it.”

Winning homecoming like her sister before her was one of many things Harper Price was meant to do.Having a sword fight in the bathroom, killing her history teacher with a shoe and becoming a paladin, was not.Harper was a perfect example of a southern belle until the night of the homecoming dance when the janitor gave her his gift of becoming an ancient guardian with super human abilities ,right before dying and mysteriously disappearing.If that wasn’t odd enough the one person she has to protect is her arch enemy since kindergarten David Stark the schools news reporter who is not her favourite person. Their worlds have been turned upside down , but they must survive cotillion and try not to fall for each other, as if high school could get any more complicated.

Upon reading the first few pages , I will admit I was a little apprehensive, at the writing style. But upon further reading I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I was pacing through and enjoying it.I thoroughly delighted in the smaller side characters of Harpers aunts, who were an amazing blend of crazy aunt and true southern gals and could be nothing but endeared and appreciated by myself.I look forward to eventually purchasing and continuing the story in the next book.

teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 star4 Teacups!

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