Tea Time Talk

Mcm Comic Con 2015


So somehow, I have just gotten back from London Comic con (sorry for no posts), I promise to get my bottom into gear to post a few new bits and bobs for you, slowly but surely I’m getting things to how I want its just taking a little patience that unfortunately I don’t have :(. I am shattered and a little run-down but this weekend was amazing and more than I had hoped for. I bought a few bookie treats for myself which I’m sure will turn up somewhere on the website a little later on, I indulged into far to many sweets and bought back so much art, I barely made it all back alive at all. But it was worth the suffering :), another con down, another con to plan perhaps?.

This year, the layout was slightly different but all for the better, it meant that more free space was set for my favorite parts such as the comic village and the book stalls, and the more video game and film aspect of the con had its own entire section. This was brilliant!, whoever decided this needed a gold star and a brownie,it meant on the Friday and Sunday which are normally the quieter of the three days, you had plenty of space to move about freely without crushing an Iron Mans foot or princess Leia’s slave costume.IMG_2399

Once back to our hotel rooms , it’s time for pajamas and games, this is more of a tradition between my friends and I, and it never fails to deliver enough laughs that we ended up crying… yep I was a blubbery snorting mess, which I will let you all imagine on your own.

Now that it’s over, I’m glad we took the extra time preparing for the trip and grateful for the funds I had saved without them I would have been an anxious puddle of person , but I’ve learned some life lessons too and will make next year even better!.IMG_2393

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