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Alice in Zombieland By Gena Showalter

FullSizeRender (3)“Off with their heads”

Alice Bell wishes there were things she could do differently. She wishes she had told her sister no, that she wouldn’t convince their parent to go. She wishes she hadn’t said those things, and she wishes most that her parents and sister Emma weren’t dead because of her. If only she could turn back the clocks and do it all over again. Alice is sixteen years old and with events spinning out of her control, her family is now part of the walking dead, or was that just a part of her imagination?. Now having to adjust to new friends, a new school AND work out what really happened at the accident things cannot be left to chance.

I know that at the moment that the zombie and dystopian genre is making a comeback (not that it ever really left) and this is a nice introduction  for the slightly younger of our readers. I felt that the book with all the text talk was aimed a little lower in age than some of the other YA novels but still an epic concept and an asset to the genre.The writing style is  very realistic to those of us in secondary or high school and made me feel about fifteenth again in a heartbeat, I was all a bluster and certainly in a connection with her characters even with the few pages I had read.For reasons I cant fathom I hadn’t managed to finish the book, which is a shame because I really wanted to, and it breaks my heart to not give a book a good chance , but I just couldn’t get more than a hundred pages in.

whether its a case of me really needing to read about halfway and then something clicking and me falling in love I’m not sure,but for the moment I have had to leave it on the shelf for another time.For that reason alone my rating will be lower than normal, but If I ever do dust off my copy and re-read it I will promise to update the review.

teacup 1 star1 Teacup!

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