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Keep It Fresh Award

Thank you so much to Syc from The Lit Mermaid for the award/tag I’m gonna do my best to answer even though I might not have much sleep left.

Post the rules before starting and link back to this post as a reference for other bloggers.

  1. Part A: Answer each of the fruit questions (each fruit corresponds to a book!) & add pictures plus why you thought that particular book deserves that particular fruit if possible.
  2. Part B: Choose your favourite fruit (even if it is one of the fruits in part A). Come up with a question that we didn’t ask and answer it.
  3. Part C: Create your own smoothie from the fruits in Part A (imagine a Lemon-Tomato-Apple smoothie ~ yuck), and find a book that would correlate to your smoothie!
  4. Nominate as many and anyone that you think are deserving of this award but it would be nice if you nominated a minimum of 5!
  5. Notify your nominees of the nomination.
  6. The most important rules? Have fun and of course, keep it fresh!


Part A: Fruit Questions

Name the sweetest book you’ve read. (e.g. sweet in terms of the characters or if the story takes place in a sweet world… etc.)

The Beach Cafe By Lucy Diamond is a sweet little romance, and a fantastic cutsie novel for those times my sweet tooth and heart need a bit of love. Its light hearted, easy going and something I can read over and over again, like when I eat strawberries and the next time I look, the pallets all gone.


What is a book that you would bring on vacation with you to a tropical destination? (Or if you’re just relaxing at the beach…)

A Thousand Pieces of You By Claudia Graya thousand peices of youuuu. A new dystopian book which seems to slipped under the radar somehow, once I’ve finished the book ill put up a review but so far its turning out to be a great book  I would take on the beach or snuggle up in  bed with.

What is a book that you didn’t think you would like by judging its cover/summary/the first few pages but started to grow on you?

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins was a complete surprise to me, it was super hyped up and when I first started to read it, I felt disappointed. However my opinion changed after a few chapters and it was easy enough to read that by the time I finished , I loved it, and now I can wait to read the second.

What’s the juiciest book you’ve read? (e.g. A book with tons of action, romance… etc.)

Heir of Fire By Sarah J. Maas.heir of fire.jpg Oh my days. I cannot express enough love for this book, it has everything I would need to never leave my bedroom , action fantasy, romance ,enough diva for five girl bands, and beautiful men to dribble over. It is one my favourites so far and I am all over team Rowan *cheer-leading routine*.

A watery book (e.g. There wasn’t tons of substance to the book/the details were just too watery…etc. Don’t get us wrong though, we love watermelons!)

For me this has to be Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I loved it when I was thirteen and on the vampire band wagon, but looking back, I have come to realise, there isn’t much here.Not for me anyway, I don’t love the characters, in fact they annoy me, and It just didn’t go anywhere with the plot, not for a long time.

What’s the most unique book you’ve read? (e.g. Unique in writing style, characters, plot… etc.)

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender By Leslye Walton is so unique in both tragic story and the way its written that I had no choice but to include it. I will review this in more detail later on so no spoilers but its definitely worth reading if you want something that doesn’t fit a stereotypical genre.

Name a book that made you feel sour. (e.g. The emotions were just sour, you just felt sour reading the book, or the book includes sour characters… etc.)

I feel a little sour towards If I stay By Gayle Forman, its a nice book but its not very often that I end up loving the film more, It just didn’t make me cry or as sad as I thought and made me a little reluctant. if i stayThen I watched the film and all was forgiven.

What is a wonderful book that you think should be more widely known? Or a fantastic author whom you think deserves more recognition? (Since some may not know that tomatoes are actually fruits!)

Alex Flinn’s  Cloaked is brilliant,just like Beastly and Kissed, its another fairytale twist but no one has heard of it, there a few not so well known tales and fables inside like subtle details but another great adventure and if you liked Beastly then you would LOVE this too. READ IT!

Name a really stereotypical book of a certain genre just like apples which are typical fruits. In the end was that book good or not? (e.g. A very typical contemporary/fantasy book… etc.)

Mine has to be I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk, it’s what you would expect from fluffy pretty chick lit novels and meets the expectations. definitely one of those best left for holiday reads or those who want something easy to read not too dramatic, I don’t mind the series but its not a favourite of mine.

Name a book that made you feel blue. (Any sad, depressing books that you’ve read?)

Lucas By Kevin Brooks is harsh, I think I actually cried reading this and I have a couple of nominations for this section but this had to take the cake. I read it when I must have been about sixteen and loved it to the point that my copy fell to pieces but Its about prejudice and love and it leaves you open mouthed and slightly in despair with the unanswered questions.

Any bitter books? (e.g. a book that was blue but MORE… do you have any bitter resentments towards characters from a book? Any sour turned bitter emotions? Any uber hateful villains?)

I hated King Clarkson Schreave from The Selection By Keira Cass, He ruins everything and is so sinister you have to hate and admire him  at the same time. Clarkson is a great villain and does the job well.The selctionsdfv

Name the most physically heavy book that you’ve ever read. (Because jackfruits are pretty heavy fruits!)

I think the biggest and heaviest book i have read is the Dream Merchant By Isabele Hoving I read it when I was fourteen and it’s a fantastic read but the hardback is huge and I think I actually hurt my wrist trying to read it in the bath.

Name a funny book that you’ve read because limes add flavour and so does humour with every book.

Okay. I don’t have that many books and this isn’t what you assume to be funny but apparently Me,Earl and the Dying Girl is hilarious, its on my to read list but I seriously cannot wait to start.

Part B: Favourite Fruit

Choose your favourite fruit and then choose a book that would correspond the best and if your fruit is already taken on our list, make up your own question and answer it.


So my book choice for this section is The selection by Keira Cass again, just because just like a nectarine its soft and grainy and filled with sugary juice especially if it’s ripe. romance, struggles, dystopian history, actions and politics seem to go well as a blend.

Part C: Fruit Smoothies

Finally, choose a book that was a mix of some of these fruits to make your own smoothie. (e.g. A strawberry blueberry lemon smoothie would correlate to a sweet and sad but sour book.)

Totally gross but mine would be a blueberry, pineapple and tomato smoothie and the book that resembles this? 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I never thought I would enjoy a book that’s tear worthy from the first page but that is exactly what happened, It was recommended to me by a friend and was rather hesitant to start it, but I was hooked rather quickly and it turned out I really enjoyed it . I haven’t seen it around, I think most people believe it to be old news, but I haven’t come across anything even slightly similar so worth a go for a slightly darker novel. Not for the faint hearted though.13 Reasons

My Nominees

My Nominees are: Emma from Wandering Words

Emily from The Geek Undergraduate

And Sophie from Sophie The Bookworm


Good luck and Thank you for enjoying the tag, let me know how you get on in the comments 🙂


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