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The Creatures of the Night Book Tag

Well here we are at another fantastic book tag, thank you thank you thank you to Sophie the bookworm for tagging me, fantasy novels are certainly my forte and  I’m almost bouncing on the balls of my feet to get started.


Marked By PC. Cast & Kristin Cast, the House of Night Novels are an incredible alternative for the vampire lovers, I cherished these books in my vampire days and with Ten of them in the series plus the many others to accompany them, you will never run out of reading , but maybe you will bookshelf.


The only one I can think of for werewolf was Once Bitten by Trina M.Lee it’s sultry sexy and everything  you could hope for , I need to re-read it though.


Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion immediately sprung to mind for this one , who wouldn’t love a human Juliet and a slightly decaying Romeo?…. Well a few people I suppose.image


Haunted Exeter by Suze Gardner is slightly bending the unofficial rules, because it’s a non-fiction book but it makes a nice change  and Suze does a fantastic job of keeping me up at night half scared to death with the hauntings of most of the places I’ve visited!


imageHARRY POTTER enough said.

Fairy and Demon

Glamour by Penelope Fletcher is my book for demons but I wasn’t its biggest fan,  the first chapter is good and exciting, although after that everything suddenly goes down hill and doesn’t make it back up, but it’s worth a try.


Kissed by an angel by Elizabeth Chandler is incredible!. If I remember correctly I cried a vast amount though. * All the feelings ever* It’s a great Angel novel but invest in some good Kleenex tissues first.


The Host by Stephanie Meyer is my alien book and the only book from Meyer that I love, I took a copy of it with me on holiday and by the end I had huge chunks of pages falling out of it and I had to replace it once I was home.image

Human with superpowers

One of my favourite superpower books at the moment are The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I loved the first one and her second one Glass Sword is on pre-order all ready.


My Nominations :   So my nominations for this lovely little tag are!* table drum roll*

Enjoy it and Let me know your answers Byeeeee ❤



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