Tea Time Talk

12 Days of Christmas Blogging Day’s 2,3&4


Im soo sorry I had a few crazy days with bunny emergencies and Christmas panic wrapping (we’ve all been there), but I will make this a super long one and make up for the time lost :).

So Day 2 is your favourite Christmas tradition new or old,  and I have one of each, There is a tradition in my house that all of our presents get put into a Christmas sack that my grandma made when me and my sister were born and even though I’m now 22 years old this still happens every year like clockwork. Every year since my friends and I have known each other we have had our own little Christmas before the big day and it gets bigger and better every year, its one of the traditions I love because now that were getting older were finding it hard to find times together, and its fantastic to find the tome to eat good food, exchange gifts and play games before Christmas becomes too frantic.11225255_10153469857312408_3848608219113409957_n

Day 3 Your favourite Christmas food or recipe

Mine is a super simple one, my parents always buy brie and cranberry parcels but I inhale them in seconds, so I found a great recipe to make your own. It takes just seconds to do and halves the price. I tried the recipe and make so many that I couldn’t eat any for a few days I was too full. Here is the recipe I found but you can experiment loads and make lots of different types.


Day 4 Share a Christmas story or write your own

My first brussel sprout.

I was having my first Christmas at my aunt’s house, she lived for a time in a picturesque village in a  cottage not far from my house. I was so excited for Christmas day I was determined it was going to be great. We had a full English breakfast followed by presents ,cake and tea everything was going to plan until the famous Christmas dinner. We sat at the table with the Christmas music setting the scene, and the smells from the kitchen wafting through. My mouth was watering with the smell of bacon and stuffing and turkey. I looked down at my plate at the incredible food. I spotted….a brussel sprout… a single green  foul smelling little booger of evilness.

That’s it my Christmas was ruined.

“No one is allowed to leave the table and finish opening presents until that brussel on your plate is gone.” my aunt demanded. I was screwed, I hated the taste of brussels, I couldn’t stand them and nothing on my plate was strong enough to  mask the taste. I had no alternative, I shoved the whole thing in my mouth followed by half a jug of gravy, a roast potato and a forkful of stuffing and swallowed, to be fair I was almost sick, but I had done it thankfully, and to this day I can’t eat, touch or smell  a brussel without nearly being sick.

So that is is me all caught up for now, I might do a few more block days but I will make it good I promise, enjoy the lead up to Christmas and I will see you soon ❤

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