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A Thousand Nights By E.K Johnston


“My sister is no fool and she is not tender-hearted,” I said. “My sister fights for her home, and takes what risks she must. That is why I put myself before her today—why I would not let you have her. My sister burns, and she does not burn for you.”

There is a law across the land that he may choose a wife from any village he chooses, 300 have died before her. Lo-Melkhiin is a great but cruel ruler and nothing but death awaits his next wife. When  Lo-Melkhiin comes to claim his next beloved from the village her sister of her heart is the one he will want. That wont happen though, that chance wont be given, She will take her place, for once she will outshine her sister and do it for the good of her people.She will become a small god amongst her own, and die with honour. Once at the palace, she is invited by the maids and henna mistress after weeks of silence and routine, to divulge stories from the dessert and liven up there day. However Lo-Melkhiin becomes wise to this and pulls her aside during an evening of festivities to a closet out of sight. With his intentions not quite clear, the copper fire she wove from her wedding night sparks alive again to protect her from him, night after night Lo-Melkhiin, beckons her to tell stories of her sister, and  the magic between them continues to flow. But how much longer can her copper fire protect her, and will this night be her last?.

You know the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover?”- although come on , I know we all do. I assumed from the beautiful cover, that this would be a sand covered romance and filled to the brim with love destiny and hot nights. This is not what I found though, the language and writing is exquisite and it kept me drawn to the story. I appreciate what Johnston has created and I want more. However the fact that you don’t come across the main characters real name makes it hard to connect, it feels like I’ve been speaking to a nameless online figure who has nothing but a cartoon for a profile picture. It’s good that the writer has tried to do something different, but it didn’t work for me. Fortunately the storyline redeems this error, and makes this book a highly unpredictable read, all the different components seem odd when separated, but just like a jigsaw puzzle it all clicks into place.

3.5 Teacups! teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup half

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