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The Next Together By Lauren James


“She didn’t know if she was crying for Matt, this Matthew, or for every Matthew she’d known and lost. All throughout history they had been doing this, finding and loving each other and then being ripped apart before they even had a chance to live. Why did Matthew always leave her alone?

Why did it always end? Why did it always even start?”

Katherine and Matthew meet in a different century every time, in different circumstances to change history together only to tragically die shortly after. They were destined to save the world and this time its no different. The year 2039 and a new reincarnation of Katherine and Matthew emerge finding a new plot that puts the world in great peril. They set to change their fate and learn of their past selves but can they change the outcome this time, and learn from the mistakes of what happened in the siege of Carlisle and Crimea war? They need to figure out what they need to do to finally live in peace.

What’s fantastic is that its such a beautifully rounded book, that it could be a stand alone novel if Lauren wanted to, but dont panic there is another one the way soon. If you love science, then we’ve got that. History? Sure!, love, loss ,tragedy, fantasy! its all here and in as little as 356 pages. I did find the 2019 versions of Katherine and Matthew slightly annoying with the slightly teenage girl messages to each other, but this is my one and only annoyance. It takes a tiny bit of time to wrap your head around jumping from one time to another but its part of the charm, with the changing of fonts and the adorable time line that moves on the top of each page, you cant really go wrong. James’ time jumping storyline grips you from the first couple of lines and it seems to haunt you for a while and with the scraps of evidence printed at the ends of chapters and system controls it gives the reader a whole other edge to view from. You can’t help but love the tiny details that makes this book so different.

4 out of 5 Teacups!

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