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Anya’s Ghost By Vera Brosgol


Anya is an Russian-American immigrant teen who although bullied is learning how to blend into her private school. After a stressful start to the day, thanks to arguments over her eating habits with her mother, Anya then has a quarrel with her best friend and bumps into her crush at the bus stop with his pretty and super thin girlfriend. This is enough to send her  rampaging  off on her own into the woods and missing the bus to school. Anya in her anger loses her footing at the edge of a deep well and slips in. Once awoken, Anya can feel her wrist  is hurt and lights a match to find she is not alone in the dark hole, a skeleton of a young girl has been in the well for many years and not disturbed. Distraught by her dead company Anya comes to realise that the ghost of the girl never left the well and still mourning her WWI fiancée from 1918. Later on she is rescued from the well and promises to tell the ghost she will let someone know  her bones are down there.

Days later at school Anya had completely forgotten about her promise , much to her surprise a small bone of Emily’s accidentally got into Anya’s bag and she’s managed to tag along with it. This becomes the start of a great friendship for her, she may just get the guy she fancies, get better grades, and become more popular than ever but there is more to this ghost than first thought.IMG_0508

Vera Brosgol’s book is a beautiful supernatural graphic novel and one that I came about by chance. My other half found it in a second hand bookshop and figured seeing as I loved all things comic that it would suit me nicely. He was right. I loved the storyline so much I couldn’t even keep it long enough for it to last me two hours. Her pictures were amazing , and the style of drawing is very unique, she basically summed up every teenage problem you could think of, self image, her confidence and social anxieties, the bonds she has with her friends and family and the conflicting traditions of her country with her new home. However it’s not all dainty flowers and girl problems this novel gets darker and darker the further you read in and has some surprising twists and turns. I fully enveloped into this one and cant wait to read more graphic novels, I have been truly converted to these for a slightly lighter read.

4 out of 5 Teacups! teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 star



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