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The Forbidden Wish By Jessica Khoury



“And what do you know of love?”
“That it must be a choice.”
“Oh, my naive thief. ” I pause briefly to meet his gaze. “Love is rarely a choice.”

This enchanting tale is a glorious retelling of Aladdin with a humongous amount of girl power. A beautiful Jinni with a dark mysterious past is awakened by a young thief who was lead to her lamp by a ring he was hired to find. 500 years has passed since her exile inside of the glittering cave and many things have changed. Zarah must keep herself alive until her owner has claimed his three wishes, but that may be more difficult than first thought. When the king of all Jinn gives Zarah a chance to gain her freedom from the lamp, she leaps at the chance, but in doing so puts herself and her new friends into grave danger. The time comes when her feelings towards the thief are too strong to hide but the love between a mortal and Jinn has been forever forbidden and the past may be repeated. When walking a fine line between saving his life and gaining her freedom which one will she choose?

Wow. This is the first (although not best) word that springs to mind when I think of this novel. It’s a bold move to reshape a beloved tale but Jessica Khoury has done an incredible job, and a female genie makes complete sense, in fact I have no idea why  Disney didn’t think of it first! Zarah has a lovely back story to why she is where Aladdin finds her and the love you feel between the thief and Jinni is not your run of the mill romance; it’s filled with suspense and drama and danger throughout and kept me on the edge of my seat. With such powerful female characters who stand on their own to feet, it seems even female empowerment is creeping into some of the great upcoming books. With a crisp and thrilling crescendo, it has to be one of my top best retellings.

5 Out of 5 Teacups teacup 1 star teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 star

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