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Eliza Rose by Lucy Worsley


eliza rose


Eliza Camperdowne is an adventurous stubborn girl, who has known her duty since being very young. She must marry a man of titles with great money to match, however not all has gone to plan and so destiny has other plans for our heroine. Eliza becomes a maid of honour in the thrall of Tudor court alongside her deceptive cousin Katherine Howard with King Henry the eighth on the throne. Although this meant she was now in the limelight it doesn’t always go completely to plan, especially when dashing and kind Ned catches Eliza’s attention. But will she snatch up the man her family wants her to have, will Katherine Howard be all she seems in front of her family or will her cunning and ambitious side become her untimely demise?

This is a fantastic book of history, dramatics and gore as you would imagine for the dates surrounding Lucy Worsleys’ novel. Our heroine Eliza narrates from the ages of twelve when she is finally old enough for the responsibility of becoming engaged to eighteen when she is not where she expected herself to be. When I first came across Eliza Rose and assumed to it to be sweet children’s book I couldn’t have imagined what the plot may be purely on first looks. As Eliza starts out at twelve years of age, you follow her roaming around her fathers estate in awe and fantasising about  her soon to be husband, however think again if your thinking about giving this to a younger audience, this is not for the faintest of hearts. In fact the book gets quite dark and grown up quickly. I hadn’t heard of Lucy before reading so I didn’t know what to expect but I must say, I am now a huge fan of hers, a strong heroine who takes matters into her own hands, a plot that only thickens and a vast amount of bloodlust and its just what a growing bookworm needs.

4 out of 5 Teacups!

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