About Me


Reading,Tea and Pyjamas are what I live for

Three Facts:

  1. Im a Hufflepuff through and through
  2. I have a serious addiction to Tea
  3. I am a hopeless romantic at heart ❤

Hello I’m Jess, my love for books has grown since my first childhood memories of my parents reading to me before bedtime, perhaps that is also the reason I love my bed too much. Since I was little my love for stories of all kinds have grown with me and now I want to share my love for books with everyone else. I’m 22 and looking forward to the days when I will live in a cottage filled to the brim with puppies away from scary people, with nothing but books (and wifi) for company.

Teacup Rating System:

(1) teacup 1 starI couldn’t finish this book; it did nothing for me, this could be re-read in the future, and updated.

(2) teacup 1 starteacup 1 starA struggle to read, but I can appreciate what the author was trying to achieve.

(3) teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starElements of the storyline/characters were detailed and engaging, with a little work and/or time it may grow to be a great story.

(4) teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 star Enjoyed and would definitely recommend reading , but wasn’t deemed worthy for the favourite’s shelf-missing just that extra special spark.

(5) teacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starteacup 1 starIncredible and it should be in your to be read pile RIGHT NOW.



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