The Library of Seasons

The Library of Seasons

We would like to introduce The Library of Seasons, our new photo challenge for you book lovers out there.  As this is an ongoing project, we will change the theme every month with the changing of the seasons. We shall introduce each new theme on the 5th of every month for updates and we shall post on our blogs, Instagrams and Tumblrs (links to these are below).  It is very simple to follow along and we cannot wait for you all to join us on a year of colour, adventure and fantastic photography.

There are three simple rules to follow:

  1. Check our blogs, Instagrams or Tumblrs for the monthly theme
  2. Take a bookish photo with your own interpretation of the theme
  3. Post the photo and add #LibraryofSeasons

We have been wanting to post with each other for a long time and with a little work and a good few idea’s our love child was born. At 18:00 this evening our January theme shall be posted on Instagram and our example pictures will follow.

Here are our links :

Wandering Words: blog, Instagram, Tumblr

The Teacup Library: Blog, Instagram, Tumblr

We Look forward to your pictures and look out for the next announcement.

Friendship love ❤


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